7 Years for 7 Avocados – This Term in Brigid’s Garden we have been so excited to finally harvest some avocados from our tree after waiting for over 7 years. Thanks to the maintenance team for devising an extra-long fruit picking basket tool to reach the fruit high up in the tree. After waiting a couple of weeks, as they ripen off the tree, we made a delicious Guacamole Dip with Corn Chips.

There has been lots of activity in Brigid’s Garden Program over the term. Weekly we’ve observed what is growing and what jobs there are to do. Plenty of garden maintenance has been required such as weeding, watering, raking, pruning, and planting seedlings ready for spring. How wonderful to taste juicy mandarins fresh off the tree, and our small crop of peas steadily brought sweet peas to try. With an abundance of pumpkins harvested, some recipes we have made include Pumpkin and Honey Bread, and Risotto of the Imagination with Pumpkin and Warrigal Greens.

Students worked on creating new mosaics to brighten up the garden using glass tiles, stones, and shells. Viewing boxes with a viewing window were made from recycled milk cartons to look at the root systems of peas and broad beans growing. Everyone enjoyed being involved in the tree planting day with the Koala Clancy Foundation in Teesdale with over 500 trees planted.