Year 9 Yellow Arrow Leadership Workshop

This week, the Year 9’s students participated in the Yellow Arrow Leadership workshops, where they explored how to be a leader in the little and big moments, regardless of whether you have an official leadership role or not. Feedback from the students after the workshop: […]

Year 12 VCAL ARTVO Excursion

On Thursday, the Year 12 VCAL students headed off to Melbourne Artvo today to generate inspiration for their creative writing portfolios. Students loved the freedom and creativity to come up with the inspiration for their folios.

Year 7 Mathematics

Earlier in the week, the Year 7 Mathematics students competed in the Mathematics Games Day held at Overnewton College in Keilor. There were 27 schools involved, with 212 students in total. Clonard had two teams competing; Isabella Cheel, Dakota Ferguson, Ruby Kelly, Sienna Lopez, Georgia […]

Tri-UMPH Lite Next Week!

The countdown is on! Next Friday, 9 September, Tri-UMPH Lite is being held at Clonard. The goal of Tri-UMPH Lite remains the same; to raise $30,000 to provide scholarships for trainee teachers in Viqueque. There are a range of planned performances, activities and competitions being […]

Book Week 2022 Wrap-Up

The library was been a hive of activity last week, celebrating Book Week 2022! The theme for this year was Dreaming with Eyes Open. Congratulations to the library team who outdid themselves, creating a beautiful dreamscape within the library space. Special book readings by the […]

Year 7 Numeracy

Yesterday, the Year 7 Numeracy class exploring the vocabulary around the topic of chance. They selected a range of chance words and place them in order along a continuum,  from 0 to 100%. They then had to justify their choices of where they placed the […]

Brigid’s Garden Program

7 Years for 7 Avocados – This Term in Brigid’s Garden we have been so excited to finally harvest some avocados from our tree after waiting for over 7 years. Thanks to the maintenance team for devising an extra-long fruit picking basket tool to reach […]

School Fees

A reminder that unless you have been approved for extended payment terms OR pay via direct debits processed by Clonard College, school fees are due in full by the end of Term 3, September 16 2022. If you are experiencing financial difficulties please email […]

Year 7 and 8 Connection Conversations

Earlier this week, the Year 7 and 8 Connection Conversations were held online with students’ and their families and wellbeing teachers. These brief conversations are a great opportunity to stay connected, build relationships and provide an overall check in for students, families, and wellbeing teachers. […]

Wear it Purple Day

Wear it Purple Day is an annual awareness day especially for young people, based in Australia. Supporters wear purple to celebrate diversity among young people in our community.  At Clonard we wanted to do more than wear purple, we wanted a visible sign in the […]