Clean Up Wadawarrung Country

On the 12th of March a group of enthusiastic sustainability students and teachers participated in our annual ‘Clean Up Wadawarrung Country – Clean Up Day’ where we collected around 60kg of rubbish from around Clonard and surrounding areas.

Our intent was to clean up our environment but importantly to highlight the amount of waste we collected.

After spending our lunch collecting waste, we returned to school to divide the waste into different categories like soft plastic’s, metals, aluminium cans, paper and rubbish.

We all found it quite surprising the amount of waste we found in our area within one hour however it was an important and useful exercise.

The sustainability team is hopeful to make ‘Clean Up Wadawarrung Country’ a more frequent activity to ensure our environment remains as free from waste as it can be.

Rachael Hynds Yr 12 Sustainability Leader