Year 7 Camp

STAND UP PADDLEBOARDING At first I was nervous and thought that I wouldn’t be able to do it but when I got on and stood up it was really fun one time I actually fell off and was trying to get back on but it […]

Principal’s Blog

‘But who do you say that I am?’  Jesus asked this question of his disciples.  Questions are an opportunity to wonder.   How would you have answered this question as a child, as a young adult, how would you answer this question now?  Pondering this question […]

Year 9 & Year 10 Outdoor Education

Year 9 and 10 students studying Outdoor Education experienced camp for the first time this week. Some of the activities included Point Addis Koori walk and lookout, snorkeling at Point Road Knight, surfing lessons and hiking Saint George’s rover into camp. 

Athletics Carnival

We were blessed with a magnificent day for our annual Athletics Carnival down at Landy Field. Sunscreen was high on the agenda! Our students were eager to participate having missed last year’s Carnival due to COVID. The lines at the high jump area were overwhelming! […]

Swimming Carnival

It was a cool start to Friday the 5th of March, but this did not deter our College Sport Captains’ enthusiasm in running their first event as Captains. The Captains were at the pool early to set up their designated areas in a colorful display […]

Living Justice Seminar

Students from Year 10 and 11 have spent the past two days with students from other Kildare Ministries schools learning about and discussing social justice issues. This has been an amazing opportunity to develop skills that will serve them well as future leaders of Clonard.

Clean Up Wadawarrung Country

On the 12th of March a group of enthusiastic sustainability students and teachers participated in our annual ‘Clean Up Wadawarrung Country – Clean Up Day’ where we collected around 60kg of rubbish from around Clonard and surrounding areas. Our intent was to clean up our […]

Respectful Relationships and International Women’s Day 2021

Clonard College is proud to be a Respectful Relationships lead school.  RR is endorsed by Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS)  Respectful Relationships strengthens the culture of respect for all members of our community, which has a significant effect on student engagement in learning, positive learning outcomes and […]

Faces of Clonard

Meet Mrs Lesley De Noronha. Although, there is no doubt most students and families already have. Lesley has held several positions in her thirteen years at Clonard but has always remained central to the daily operations of the General Office.  Currently, working in the role […]

Year 8 Geography Excursions

Year 8 Humanities students headed to Torquay during the week for a day of geographical skills building.  Sketch maps, wave frequency counts and analysis of both human features and physical landforms were carried out.  To add to the excitement was the beautiful weather experienced by […]