Faces of Clonard

Meet Mrs Katie Wilson.

Mrs Wilson has been a member of staff since 2013 teaching mainly in the humanities and VCAL domains. Mrs Wilson is also the VET/SBAT Leader working within the Senior Pathways Team and liaising with students and outside providers to find purposeful and viable programs as a senior secondary pathway.

‘Having students progress through a course that they have a real passion for and learn skills specific to their area of interest is a big win for the pathways team. Visiting students on placement and seeing the confidence and enthusiasm that is gained from the experience is even more rewarding for everyone involved’ – Mrs Wilson.

If you are thinking about VET as an alternate pathway please visit the VET page on True North or visit Mrs Wilson upstairs in the Brigidine Centre.

Meet Mr Dean Hackwill

Mr Hackwill joined the administration team at Clonard in 2019. Based in the General Office, Mr Hackwill is always on hand to help students, staff and parents with the everyday queries and questions about school-related issues. Mr Hackwill also makes regular appearances on the school microphone and has developed a strong following of fans who thoroughly enjoy his lunchtime announcements.

Mr Hackwill’s background in accounting and all things finance is a great addition to the College and his helpful and approachable nature is appreciated by all who have worked with him. Next time you are in the General Office make sure you say hello to Mr Hackwill and let’s hope he sings us another Christmas carol this year!