Principal’s Blog

Sometime last year, at a formation day with the Kildare Ministries Principals and Managers of the KM community works, we were challenged to consider ‘how will we be known?’ The answer, for us, is in the way we express a spirituality of justice inspired by […]

Stress… and Coping

2020. That is probably all I needed to say to anyone to bring up feelings of stress. 2020 has been a year of tragedy, stress and difficulty for so many and has impacted all of us and will continue to do so. This year, more […]

Geelong Youth Awards recipient– Bri Apma Hayes

We would like to congratulate Year 12 student and FIRE carrier, Bri Apma Hayes for receiving the Diverse Cultural Contribution Award as part of the Geelong Youth Awards this evening Bri is a proud Arrente woman, a true leader and champion for change.Bri makes herself […]

Faces of Clonard

Meet Mrs Katie Wilson. Mrs Wilson has been a member of staff since 2013 teaching mainly in the humanities and VCAL domains. Mrs Wilson is also the VET/SBAT Leader working within the Senior Pathways Team and liaising with students and outside providers to find purposeful […]

VTAC Application

Year 12 – Applications for University, TAFE and other Higher Education Providers The VTAC online application for our Year 12 students applying for further study at TAFE, University or other Independent Tertiary Providers opened on the 3rd August 2020. Timely applications close 30th of September […]

Old Collegian Network

Old Collegians At Clonard, we value the rich and diverse community of students past and present. We know the memories and experiences in the school years are long lasting and often leave us with feelings of nostalgia. We do not under estimate the rich tapestry […]

Report an absence

Please notify the school of student absences, the is a requirement even during remote learning. Absences are followed up daily. Report absences via: PAM: accessible from the College website under Portals  Bookmark/Favourite this link for when you need it. SMS: 0447 520 440PHONE: 5278 2155

Caremonkey is now Operoo

When CareMonkey becomes Operoo, you won’t have to change anything about the way you use our product or engage with our team. You’ll continue to enjoy access to the same product features, support services and pricing with which you’re familiar. The company has not changed […]