What is Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L)

In the last newsletter we provided some information about PB4L, along with seeking your feedback about a variety of expectations / values that you see as being a priority for your daughter and her peers. Our staff have completed a similar process along with our students. We are now in the process of collating all this information in an attempt to identify a selection of expectations which meets our communities needs and aspirations.

Attached with this information is a presentation created by the Queensland Department of Education. The presentation provides a clear snapshot of PB4L outlining many of the reasons why Clonard is currently making steps towards this framework.

  • Is a whole-school approach to creating a positive, safe and supportive school climate in which all students can learn and develop to their full potential.
  • Creates a set of behaviour expectations and positively acknowledge students for those behaviours. PB4L schools also teach lessons on how to fulfil these expectations.
  • Every part of a PB4L school including classrooms, school gates and buses, are considered integral parts of the total learning environment and our expectations will apply to all these areas.

In 2022 we are focusing on the roll out of Tier 1 Universal practices/interventions, and this will be done in a strategic and methodical way involving our teachers, students and you the parent/s.

PB4L Presentation – A whole school approach