Year 8 Camp Reflections

Clonard staff at Year 8 Camp at a disco for all, with a theme of Neon 90’s.  The date was April 2021 and the venue Point Lonsdale Hall.   The teachers looked hilarious in their outfits with all sorts of neon colours and their fantastic, crazy wigs that made us all laugh.  Being with teachers and having lots of fun made us appreciate our teachers more. The teachers join us on the dance floor with a creative vibe.  Then sadly the teachers put the lights on, and we all had to clean up and get ready for the walk back to camp.

Taylah Mikelsons, Year 8 Literacy

The Camp, Beacon Resort was so cool and fun it was amazing they had a pool, spa, and a jumping pillow there -I was amazed. The camp night had passed!! I got up, with excitement, I could not wait to get to do the activities on the beach that I had heard about. So, I got out of my room and saw all the people in my cabin, I had breakfast and got ready then the teachers came and told us that we had to get ready to leave the resort – be ready for the 2 hours walk and have some fun.

We were ready to leave. We loaded our bags onto the minibus and then started to walk, once we got to the main part, we started our 2 hours walk which took forever. The good part about the walk was that you got a chance to talk with a friend that you did not even know. Then we made our way to a park and did some activities, there was 4 groups and there were all activities you got to participate in. The first group was a game of hide and seek on the grass, the second one was yoga where you did poses and calm movements. Then the third one was on the beach. On the beach there was 3 groups you could play dodgeball, sandcastle challenge or first to get the sticks. They were so much fun!!

Daniella Seg, Year 8 Literacy