Principal’s Blog

Sometime last year, at a formation day with the Kildare Ministries Principals and Managers of the KM community works, we were challenged to consider ‘how will we be known?’ The answer, for us, is in the way we express a spirituality of justice inspired by […]

Geelong Youth Awards recipient– Bri Apma Hayes

We would like to congratulate Year 12 student and FIRE carrier, Bri Apma Hayes for receiving the Diverse Cultural Contribution Award as part of the Geelong Youth Awards this evening Bri is a proud Arrente woman, a true leader and champion for change.Bri makes herself […]

The journey of the black-headed snake

This is the story of Year 12 FIRE carrier, Bri Apma Hayes’ family. Three generations of women affected by race-based government policies, they are part of the Stolen Generation and Australia’s true history, often unknown, forgotten or ignored. And now in the wake of Black […]