Wellbeing @ Clonard

This Semester Year 7s have participated in the Play Humour and Fun unit in Wellbeing as part of the focus on Engagement.

Play Humour and Fun can open the mind to learning. Humour can relieve stress and counteract physiological responses to anxiety. Play allows for safe failure – FAIL = First Attempt At Learning!

Teachers can employ a sense of playfulness to nurture students’ curiosity, creativity, courage and kindness. Students learnt about the benefits of laughing at themselves by sharing baby photos, using humour scales and the 7 habits of humour.

Year 7s have been busy creating historical gratitude letters. This is an exercise that supports the development of positive emotions which not only supports healthy wellbeing but can build resilience and broaden our awareness, letting us see more options for difficult situations and problem-solving.

These posters are from the Year 7 Wellbeing unit on Fixed and Growth mindsets that teach students about the power of positivity regarding making progress and achieving success. This is another important aspect of the Accomplishment domain of Wellbeing.