Clonard draw with St Joseph’s

College Westcourt invited our Year 9’s to have lunch at their campus and then take part in an exhibition netball match. SJC vs CC was the format selected and spots on the team were hard to come by, with so many fantastic netballers putting their […]

Yr 8 Humanities: Landforms & Landscapes

As part of their investigation into coastal landforms and processes of deposition and erosion students in Year eight Humanities have been creating dioramas and 3D models of a variety of coastal landforms. Students were asked to make a range of depositional landforms and erosional landforms. This […]

Congratulations Mackenzie

Over the last two weekends Mackenzie Mielczarek of Year 12 represented Corio Athletics Club in the Victorian Track and Field Championships. Mackenzie won a gold medal in the Under 18 Shot Put and Javelin as well as a silver medal in the Open Javelin. Mackenzie […]